How ValueArc Works

What if you could increase your company’s value by next quarter?
And what if you could do it without launching an amazing new product or service? With ValueArc, you can – by unlocking the hidden value that’s already in your business, and releasing it with the power of positioning.

Divinitas is certified and licensed to deliver the ValueArc system.
For more than a decade, the ValueArc™ System has helped companies – from startups to the Fortune 500 – identify their most valuable and often hidden assets, and market them to increase sales, gain market share or boost company value for an IPO or acquisition.


Here’s how ValueArc helps your business:



Your greatest market value is not found merely in your existing products. It could be hidden in your strategic relationships, service methods or vision for the future. ValueArc can help you identify your most valuable intangible assets.



Odds are there’s a perception gap in your marketplace. If you’re not positioning yourself properly, the market will position you – by default. ValueArc can help you claim the most favorable position to maximize your brand value.



Once you’ve strategically repositioned your business, how do you launch your messages into the market? ValueArc can deliver a powerful brand architecture with compelling visual elements that elevate your messages.



Projecting your value to the market requires an understanding of the many avenues for communication. ValueArc provides a high-level campaign architecture for reaching your audience in the most effective and efficient way.


Unless your company is the rare exception, your customers, sales channels, employees, vendors, partners, assorted analysts and industry watchers will have a perception of your company that may be totally different than that of your management team. There may even be different opinions regarding your company’s market role within your own management team. This “value gap” directly impacts the perceived value of your company.



Here’s the deal: if you don’t position yourself properly, the market will position you by default. From a confusing mix of perceptions, your company might be reduced to the lowest common denominator. And unless you take control, that’s how your market position (and your value) is defined – by customers, analysts, bloggers… people who don’t understand your value potential.

Even though it’s largely the result of market perception, this “value gap” is real. It makes it harder for you to compete and grow, to sustain profitability, to attract talent, and to achieve market leadership. ValueArc is designed to close that gap – and it starts by unlocking the hidden value that’s already in your business.


The most successful companies are not just valued on earnings. For most, the majority of value is found in their “intangibles.” For the S&P 500, it’s over 70%.

What intangibles can fuel your growth?


What companies need now more than ever is a top-down approach to marketing – one that creates clarity and consensus around your value, and provides a simple blueprint for maximizing it. Now there’s a proven system that can help you uncover your true business value, and leverage the power of marketing and branding to realize unprecedented growth. ValueArc is designed to help businesses of almost any size discover their unique value and map the way to their most effective market position. The end result of the ValueArc System is a customized ValueArc “Blueprint”, which can be used to guide your marketing and branding efforts.


1. It starts by assessing the fundamental differences between the two market positions:

Your default (or commodity) position:

  • is tactical in nature
  • projects a “me too” role in a crowded market space
  • is focused on functions and features
  • subjects you to constant price competition
  • tends to be transaction based
  • implies fleeting value to customers
  • translates into low company value

Your ideal, maximized position:

  • is strategic in nature
  • projects a differentiated/unique market role
  • is vision/objective focused
  • tends to be relationship based
  • implies enduring value to customers
  • translates into high company value
2. It helps you define your strategic relevance to the market by clearly mapping your assets to specific unmet market needs of customers – you make it possible for the market to recognize your company’s strategic role and value.
3. It forms the engine to power your marketing and sales strategies by providing:
  • a fresh inventory of your company’s assets that defines their combined value to the marketplace
  • a hierarchical framework for organizing the newly defined positioning into an approved “story line” that helps assure message continuity and
    discipline throughout the organization
4. And it aligns and amplifies the impact of marketing and sales activities – to lift you to your maximum value
  • Corporate and product branding
  • Press and analyst communications
  • Web strategy and digital marketing
  • Partner/channel development
  • Lead generation
  • Sales acceleration and support
  • Customer marketing

How does ValueArc boost strategic business value?

A strong brand has the power to create business value well beyond gains in revenues and profit margins. It can:
  • help avert downward price spirals to commodity levels
  • decrease the cost of entry into new markets and categories
  • help attract and retain talented staff, partners, vendors, etc.
  • accelerate sales cycles
  • reduce the cost of sales
  • enhance customer loyalty and longevity
  • command premium prices
  • raise the barrier to entry for competitors
  • maximize company value
What kind of challenges are you facing that would make ValueArc beneficial to your company?
  • Recent merger or acquisition?
  • New product launch?
  • The need to reposition an existing product?
  • Entry into a new market?
  • New management or ownership?
  • Competitive pressures?
  • Changing distribution structure?
  • Emergence from financial stagnation or bankruptcy?
  • Falling market demand?
  • Positioning for an acquisition?
  • Positioning for an IPO?

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