Trade Show Booth Ideas Gallery

Trade Show Booth Design Ideas Gallery

Looking for Trade Show Booth Design ideas for your next trade show?

No matter what industry you work in, trade show booth design is becoming more and more impressive . It has to – trade shows are busy, noisy affairs with hundreds of exhibitors on the trade show floor. Navigating across each exhibition hall can overwhelm the senses, so it is vital that your trade show exhibit stands out from the crowd

Take a look at some of our trade show display ideas for inspiration and custom exhibit design suggestions. Here at Divinitas we have transformed hundreds of brands into engaging customer-focused trade show experiences. We use our experience with exhibit display design and custom fabrication to create innovative trade show booth designs. We can create an impressive expo stand that communicates your brand, and provides a unique customer experience. Take advantage of our exhibition stand design experience to create a custom display for your next trade show
We offer custom trade show booths, custom trade show displays as well as trade show booth rentals, portable displays, trade show services and marketing.

If you are looking for more trade show booth design inspiration, our exhibit portfolio may help you find inspiration for a trade show exhibit solution that best fits your needs

Inline Exhibit


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Inline exhibits are also known as linear exhibits and are exhibit spaces that share a common rear display wall and are next to other exhibits on one or both sides but open at the front. Attendees will walk past many inline booths at conferences, trade shows and events, so exhibit and booth designs must stand out to attract attention. These trade show booth dimensions are traditionally 10×10, 10×20 or 10×30. Inline Exhibits often have an 8ft height restriction. If you are looking for more  10×20 trade show booth ideas, take a look at our portfolio

Island Exhibit

An Island Exhibit is a display with aisles on four sides. Island exhibits, also known as Island Booths, have the most visibility of any exhibit configuration and are therefore usually the most expensive space to rent at a trade show. Island exhibits give the exhibitor the least amount of display restrictions in booth design. Many trade shows or exhibitions will allow island booths to display an overhead hanging sign as well as have higher height allowances. This widens the scope of design ideas with increased opportunity for promotional displays

Island Exhibits have the space to create presentation areas, lounges, multiple workstations and even a  double deck. Island Exhibits  offer multiple sight lines to really allow your brand to stand out

COVID-19 and Trade Show Booth Design

Most of the COVID-19 safety guidelines are familiar, since they’re already in place in most retail, sports and entertainment environments. These include preventing close contact through safe distancing practices, regular cleaning of surfaces and spaces, and greater control over traffic patterns.

However, the following trade show booth design ideas can also help you comply with the the recommended guidelines:

  • The use of touchless (electronic and digital) alternatives for engagement with booth visitors.
  • The use of plexi-barriers, where applicable.
  • Removal of roadblocks and furnishings that could result in attendees gathering too closely.
  • Sufficient entrances, exits and passing spaces to allow for physical distancing.
  • Flooring and signage incorporated into the visual design to give visual guidance for traffic flow and spacing.
  • Building Double Deck exhibits to double your floor space for increased gathering space and occupancy limits