From graphics upgrades for your exhibit to direct marketing and digital advertising, we deliver everything you need to attract, engage and close new customers.

Upgrade your exhibit with Premium Branding & Graphic Design Services

Make the move from basic…
to Extraordinary!

Allow us to transform your exhibit into a powerful brand experience that captivates, informs, excites and sells with world-class branding and graphic execution!

Think Beyond the Booth

Let us help drive your trade show success by treating it like a 90-day event

Trade shows are your best opportunity to cost-effectively engage prospective customers face-to-face. They are far too important not to approach strategically. We will help you develop and deploy a strategic 90-day trade show marketing program that builds awareness and anticipation among your prospects in advance of the show, to engage and persuade them during the show, and to follow-up and nurture your relationship with them after the show.

1. Before the show – Stimulate Interest and Anticipation

  • Create landing page featuring exhibit, products, promotions, etc.
  • Pre-show press release
  • Promote landing page via web site, Facebook, Twitter & other social media
  • Develop content and promotions for official trade show web site
  • Email & telemarketing campaigns to show attendees

2. At the show – Engage and Educate

  • Venue signage, show daily ads
  • Press briefings, interviews
  • Off-site event
  • Daily blog, social media alerts
  • Interactive in-booth event / contest / prize drawing

3. After the Show – Follow-up and Nurture

  • Email thank-you and follow up to qualified leads
  • Post show summary on web site, landing page and Facebook
  • Email thank-you and follow up to all booth visitors
  • Promotional direct mail to all booth visitors
  • Begin quarterly email nurture campaign to all new contacts

Marketing Services Suite for Trade Show Exhibitors

Premium Exhibit Branding & Graphics Services
  • Client Discovery & consultation
  • Market positioning
  • Message development
  • Comprehensive exhibit graphics creation
  • In-booth videos and interactive demos
Show Marketing Package
  • Landing Page creation
  • Pre- and post-show direct marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Show-site marketing
    • -Merchandising management
    • -Conference signage
    • -Show daily ads
    • -Hotel Drops
Promotional Services
  • Promotoional theming and campaign development
  • Video productions
  • In-booth events
  • Contests
  • Off-site events
Press/Media Management
  • Press kit development
  • Press releases
  • Press conferences
  • Media briefings and interviews


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